About Us

We have always dreamed of creating a brighter future where everyone could enjoy a better life. We have utilized our accumulated expertise and evoked the innovation within our creative team to transform this dream into a reality.

In “Eqnaa”, we are proud to be part of a Saudi national success story, which commenced in 2020, as an ambitious dream that seeks to make people happy through model housing solutions that meet their aspirations and hopes within luxurious residential projects with sophisticated modern designs that reflect our unbeaten quality and distinction.

We started the journey from the “Bride of the Red Sea”, Jeddah, as we inspired beauty from its beaches and the purity from its skies. We look forward to spreading happiness in every home and marking our identity as one of the prominent companies in real estate development locally and regionally.

With assertive steps, we moved towards achieving our vision, driven by our passion for excellence and innovation, to make a bright mark in the real estate world and achieve one of the goals of the Saudi Vision 2030.

Now, after a journey full of contributions and milestones, we have reached a leading position among the most prominent real estate development companies in the Kingdom, as we are proud of our vast investment portfolio and our track record of high-quality residential projects.

With determination and dedication, we will continue the march to create a positive impact, enhance our prosperous communities, and add high value to people’s lives through innovative and sustainable projects that make every home a landmark of beauty that adorns our cities, and make every family an icon of happiness that flourishes in our homeland.

In “Eqnaa”, we look forward to a broader horizon that places us among the most distinctive and innovative real estate companies with the pioneering urban projects we offer that meet the needs of the present and advance the concept of sustainable housing.

We also dream of a vibrant future in which the cities of our beloved Kingdom flourish and turn into towering beacons of civilization, providing the means of prosperity and well- being for the people of our country, which reflects positively on society.

For that, we continue to invest all our potential and expertise to achieve this dream, considering patriotism and belonging values as our motto, along with our continuous endeavor to pave an eminent position for our residential projects, through which we gain the trust of our Clientsand nation.

We believe that we can create a brighter future and build a better tomorrow for everyone, and this is what we strive to achieve in all our real estate projects through a dedicated work team that places the satisfaction of our Clientsand investors as its top priority.

Our mission relies on offering the best real estate services with the highest quality and professionalism standards, the most advanced technical methods, and innovative solutions. All that to improve clients’ lives and unlock promising horizons of growth and success for investors.

We will continue to strive towards a brighter tomorrow through projects that characterize our dreams and aspirations, with passionate creativity that knows no boundaries.

Integrity and honesty are the cornerstones of every real estate accomplishment we achieve in our company. Therefore, they are the two fundamental values we keep in mind at every step of our journey.

We also adhere to the highest professionalism standards in executing our real estate projects. We attract the most skilled talents and the best leaders to showcase our company’s distinguished steadiness, reflecting our competence and uniqueness in real estate development in the Kingdom.

We continuously work to reach beoynd our clients’ expectations by offering the best outcomes and innovative real estate solutions that satisfy their ambitions and help them achieve their goals.

Identity Philosophy & Strategy

Innovation and development have always been an integral part of our company’s spirit and philosophy, and this is reflected in the ” Eqnaa” identity that distinctly stimulates these values and uniquely highlights our mission.

Our identity derives its foundation from the trust that we are dedicated to reinforcing within our clients by providing real estate landmarks of high quality and reliability.

Our identity also expresses our deep belief in the significance of innovative and creative design. Therefore, we chose a unique engineering logo representing our uniqueness and symbolizes smart designs and innovative solutions in our urban projects.

We have designed an identity that befits the status of our company and addresses our clients. It is a tangible manifestation of our philosophy and vision towards a brighter future.

In Eqnaa” Real Estate, we are committed to applying the highest quality and professionalism standards in the design and execution of all real estate projects to a safe and comfortable residential environment, in line with the Saudi Vision 2030 and fulfilling the aspirations of the Saudi citizens.

We are always dedicated to selecting the best locations in vital areas of the Kingdom to provide a modern and advanced lifestyle supported by the latest services, facilities and amenities.

We also pay special attention to innovation and creativity in our projects’ designs through the use of the latest technologies, providing our clients with a wide variety of options that suit different tastes.

In Eqnaa” Real Estate, we believe in the significance of building a long-term relationship with our clients based on trust and transparency. We are always by your side at every step of your journey towards your promising real estate future.

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